How to tell when you're finished writing your manuscriptThere's that famous adage about the novelist never being able to finish a book, only abandon it to the public.

Sometimes it's hard to know when you're really done writing and revising your book, story, or poem. You could easily tweak your manuscript forever, draft after draft, and still end up asking yourself every time, "is this version any better than the last?"

It can be one of those things: the tighter you grip, the more it slips away. You lose perspective, and by then you've traveled so far from the original idea that you can't even tell if you want to keep walking down this road.

If you've entered what Thomas Lee calls "The Black Hole of Revision," here are a few ways to tell whether your work is finished or not.

1. Submit it —

It's not called "submission" for nothing. Eventually you have to stop fighting.

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Admit it. Somewhere on your hard drive, there’s an abandoned document: ebook-in-progress.

You once had high hopes for it. You were going to launch it to the world, make lots of money, and bask in your new-found fame and fortune.

Except, it wasn’t quite that easy.

At some point, you put that ebook draft aside … and you haven’t picked it up since.

Maybe you think you just haven’t got it in you. Sure, you can write blog posts … but a whole ebook?

Trust me, you can finish your ebook. And here’s how:

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