Amazon's top customer reviews can make a huge impact... even if you already have dozens of great miscellaneous customer reviews on Amazon.

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The Creative Penn, one of BookBaby's favorite blogs, posted an article called "7 Networking Tips for Authors" written by... me! (I was tempted to type in the 3rd person for a second there.) We writers can be a shy bunch.  Sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get away from the writing desk. But if you're serious about getting your writing in front of readers, you need to get out there to meet people. How? Click HERE to read my advice on why authors need to network, and how to go about it without feeling like a fraud, a fool, or worse. 

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[This is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for The Creative Penn. Click that link to read all 12 steps!]

Stuck in a writing rut? Are you sick of your own voice?

Write ahead of yourself!

Get out in front of your conscious, deliberate, critical mind. Free yourself from patterns and intentions wherever they’re stifling your writing. You may uncover something interesting that you never even knew you knew.

But how? It’s difficult to offer particular advice here, since every writer is walled-in by unique habits and proclivities. But I would recommend that you NOT start relying on drink or drugs to free up your creative mind. Your writing will suffer in a completely different way. Instead, try some of the free-writing prompts you can find online:

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[This is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for The Creative Penn. Click that link to read all 12 steps!]

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Franklin Roosevelt helped launch his presidency with those words. He was, of course, talking about measures the United States needed to take in order to pull itself out of the Great Depression, but he could have just as easily been giving a pep talk to writers who were wallowing in a creative slump.

Most of the time, writer’s block is nothing more than fear. Afraid of what, though?

-that you’re out of ideas.

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W. Somerset Maugham said “There are three rules for writing well. Unfortunately no one knows what they are.” Author Joanna Penn says to hell with Maugham and offers these 3 rules for writing well in this excerpt from "The Creative Penn."

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