Literary successBookPromo makes the hard work of book promotion a lot easier

“What the internet and e-reading devices have done is open the world up to storytellers to be in charge of their own careers.” So said mega bestselling author Hugh Howey in a recent discussion at Book Expo America in New York. He was one of my speakers on a panel I moderated advising first-time authors, and he shared some thoughts for writers hoping to get noticed in today’s digital landscape.

“How hard you are willing to work and how hard you are willing to study and practice are the only limiting factor these days,” said Howey. “Luck will always play a part, but her role has been diminished.”

That’s a perfect summary of why BookBaby has worked so hard to create and develop BookPromo for all our authors. I’m pleased to announce the newest additions – targeted direct-to-reader advertising opportunities -- to this powerful suite of tools and services was unveiled today. You can read much more about it HERE. And as always, BookPromo is a free package for all BookBaby authors.

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Now BookPromo is packed with even more promotional muscle

Only BookBaby gives you the marketing, advertising, and PR, tools you need to properly promote your book and drive sales. We call it BookPromo. It’s free with every BookBaby publishing package. And it has become the most popular reason why authors choose BookBaby.

Now we’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded BookPromo to be an even more powerful promotional tool for you.

Here’s what new:

Exclusive discounts on targeted advertising

Thanks to BookPromo you can reach thousands of targeted readers with incredibly affordable advertising.

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Promote your book with Goodreads

BookPromo now makes book promotion even easier.

As a BookBaby author, you already know about the benefits of BookPromo, our free marketing and PR package. (If you don’t, click here to see what you’re missing.) Now we’re proud to announce that we’ve added two important partners to BookPromo: Goodreads and NoiseTrade Books.

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Free book promotion

You get free book promotion with BookPromo

How can I get my book reviewed? Who are my local press contacts? Where do I begin with my promotional campaign? These are just a few of the questions we've heard countless times from our authors, and until now we've had some good suggestions — but no true blueprint for success.

Now that has all changed – introducing BookPromo, a new free service available to all BookBaby authors. We have teamed up with many of the top book promotional companies to offer an exceptional package that will give you all the necessary tools to get the word out about your book and build a loyal readership base.

With BookPromo every BookBaby author receives:

  • Guaranteed book reviews from Reader’s Favorite and Story Cartel
  • Author Marketing Club membership
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