Updated August 2017. If you're self-publishing or releasing a book through a small press, being pampered isn't usually part of the equation; you'll have to take the lead on planning your own launch party.

But don't get fever chills; it's not all that different from throwing a Super Bowl party, only YOU are the main attraction and hopefully drunk men won't be screaming at you if you drop a word or don't annunciate clearly during your reading.

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If you’re lucky enough to have an audience that wants to hear you read, don’t bore them to tears. This is your time to shine! Whether you’re at a bookstore, library, book fair, coffee shop, or art space, think of your reading as a performance. You should prepare for this performance the same way a musician practices for a concert, the way that actors practice for plays, etc. Readings are about timing, memorable content, dramatic delivery, and engagement. The Savvy Book Marketer recently posted a great article on the topic called “Nine Ways to Give a Better Book Reading.” Read more