Are you in need of marketing guidance? These digital marketing strategies for self-published authors can get you started with your online book marketing.

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When it comes to book marketing and establishing herself in the marketplace, Miller says: "I have to tell myself to be patient. Writing and reading books is part of an intimate relationship. You need to build a dialog and trust. It's really no different from a lot of other products and services. Building credibility with the readers is very important."

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There's a lot you can do to build your author brand and promote your book – but once you've established your brand, a PR firm might be the key to maximizing your book publicity potential.

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For writers, when we talk about author brand we're mostly talking about "voice." Each of us offers a unique experience to readers. But the emotional experience you deliver to readers can also be applied to visuals like your author photo, book covers, and website.

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Why your author website is more important than social mediaNowadays, “web presence” is a big part of telling your story as a writer. In fact, the majority of your readers will probably discover you and your writing online first.

When publishing industry folks talk about "building a platform," they're often thinking about an author's online presence, email list, social media following, blog activity, and web-based book sales. But as you establish your own web presence, it's important to remember that your author website is more important than any single social media platform.

Here are four reasons why you should prioritize your author website over any social media account:

1. You need design control

Social media = generic profiles plastered with ads and other distractions. With your own site, you create a design that suits your vibe and functions the way you need it to. Plus, the layout won’t change unexpectedly overnight. (I'm looking at YOU Facebook!)

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Website tips for authors

Best-practices to smarten-up your online book marketing

Every week on The HostBaby Blog, we post new web and social media tips for artists. You’ll learn how to grow your email list, how to get readers to interact with your online content, how to draft newsletters that convert to sales, how to optimize your site for search, and more.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping tabs on the HostBaby Blog…

Here are the most recent HostBaby Blog articles:

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2. What if I don’t rank for my own author name in Google?

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Top 5 website mistakes authors makeDon’t give your readers any excuse to hit the “back” button

Someone's checking out your website. Pat yourself on the back; you've done something right — whether it was announcing your web address during a reading, optimizing your site for Google search, doing targeted advertising on Facebook, printing your URL on the jacket of your book, etc.

So, here they are, checking out your online headquarters, waiting to be dazzled by your literary brilliance. You've won the first half of the battle.

Now you need to KEEP them on your website for more than 5 seconds if you want that person to buy a book, invite you to a reading series, download a sample chapter, leave a blog comment, attend a book signing event, or sign up for your email newsletter.

If that potential reader or publishing industry professional gets annoyed, they’re going to back out of there in an internet minute.

Here are a handful of common website mistakes you should avoid making!

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