It’s officially Day 1 of National Novel Writing Month! How’s everybody doing? Have you started writing yet today?

Writing under pressure is never easy but our friend Ali Luke wrote a great piece for Copyblogger that might help keep you focused for the next 30 days. We’ve written a super brief summary below but you can find the article in its detailed entirety here.

1. Pick your topic (day 1-2)

2. Create an outline (day 3-4)

3. Start writing (day 5-25)

4. Redraft your book (day 26-28)

5. Make final changes (day 29-30)

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(Editor's Note: This article was written by guest contributor Ali Luke, author of Lycopolis.)

Ever given up on writing a book when it was halfway finished?

Lots of writers run out of steam along the way. Others don’t even begin: they have a great idea, but are creatively paralyzed at the starting line.

And worse still, some writers struggle all the way from the first sentence to the last line ... only to find that their book needs massive structural revisions. They might even scrap it completely.

You don't want to find yourself there. Instead, set yourself up for success right from the start of the journey. Here’s how.

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Admit it. Somewhere on your hard drive, there’s an abandoned document: ebook-in-progress.

You once had high hopes for it. You were going to launch it to the world, make lots of money, and bask in your new-found fame and fortune.

Except, it wasn’t quite that easy.

At some point, you put that ebook draft aside … and you haven’t picked it up since.

Maybe you think you just haven’t got it in you. Sure, you can write blog posts … but a whole ebook?

Trust me, you can finish your ebook. And here’s how:

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