Working directly with self-published authors IS the core strength of BookBaby. We level the playing field with a robust suite of author services.

Sometimes being bigger is not always better for the customer. We just learned that our friends at Amazon’s CreateSpace are getting out of the author services business. That means writers need to go elsewhere for vital author services, including editing, cover design, and book formatting.

The statement from Amazon, as reported by South Carolina’s The Post and Courier:

“After a thorough review of our service offerings, we’ve made the decision to discontinue CreateSpace’s paid professional editing, design and marketing services. We will work closely with impacted employees through this transition to help them find new roles within the company or assist them with pursuing opportunities outside the company.”

Frankly, I’m not surprised. Amazon is interested in big business — REALLY big business. It’s difficult for a mega-mammoth company like Amazon to work one-on-one with the individual would-be author. That’s not the strength of their business.

That’s where we fit in. Working directly with self-published authors IS the core strength of BookBaby. In this highly digital world we live in, BookBaby prides itself on the analog nature of our business — people talking with people — to help authors self publish with printed books and eBooks they can be proud of.

To level the crowded playing field of printed books and eBooks, self-published authors need high-quality creative services including:

  • Editing. Hiring an experienced book editor is often the best investment you can make for your book and your writing career. Our Book Editing Services are for authors who need premium book editing at an affordable price. We’ve negotiated special rates with an exclusive network of editors from around the globe. These editors work with traditionally-published authors in every genre, including many on the New York Times Best Seller list.
  • Cover design. Designing a book cover is an art. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in print design in a wide variety of genres. Whether the cover of your new eBook novel needs to make a bold statement or your freshly baked cookbook cover needs to pop, BookBaby’s designers will create a custom book cover that you can be proud of.
  • Book formatting. A well-formatted and professionally-designed book is critical to your success as an author. Even though you worked hard on your manuscript, it may not get the attention it deserves without professional formatting. Our book designers don’t use templates to design your book. Each book is custom designed by a real-life professional book designer right here in our New Jersey facility. And to ensure your satisfaction, we send you proofs of your designs to review and approve. We stand behind our work with the book publishing industry’s only 100% quality guarantee!

Although we’re expanding a rapid pace, and unlike Amazon’s CreateSpace, BookBaby will never outgrow its mission of delivering People Powered Publishing for authors who need personalized creative services.

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Do you dream of self-publishing your book? It’s easier than you think with BookBaby.

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17 thoughts on “Amazon’s CreateSpace Announces It Will Stop Offering Author Services This Year

  1. Palitha Senanayake says:

    I wish to know the services you offer self- publisher/authors.
    Do you have the electronic version and the hard copy as well?
    Please let me know your full range, and also how you charge for the services.

    1. BookBaby BookBaby says:

      All of our services are detailed (with pricing) on our website:

  2. I assume that Create Space will continue printing and filling orders for re-sellers. Am I correct?

    1. Steven Spatz says:

      Hello Gene – I assume Create Space will continue to work with authors on their printing needs. You might send them an email to confirm.

  3. Alex says:

    Will BookBaby offered Marketing Copy services? I loved CreateSpace’s Marketing copy services.

    1. Steven Spatz says:

      Hello Alex! We’re now offering a valuable “Metadata Optimization” service that helps authors with many of these same copy needs. We resent the keywords and bisec codes, edit the book descriptions (long and short) and edit the author bio. We’re going to be adding some additional marketing services in the next few months so stay tuned!

  4. I am re-working my first ‘published’ mystery/suspense family thriller, printed by Create Space and published onto Amazon two years ago this February. I chose to update it after two years because I had little time initially to market the book as I was working toward a BS in Criminal Justice which I am almost through. I did market it outside of Amazon with our local library and book clubs, by word of mouth and in mom and pop book stores, as well as other areas in New Jersey and Philadelphia. But I did not really market it on Amazon ‘yet’.

    I’m told the suspense and twists in the storyline is good as all my readers tell me and they want a sequel which I am working on. This time I chose a top editor in the business to re-edit this first book developmentally since my first ‘supposed editor’ was really just a proofreader. I am now making the corrections suggested by my new editor and was planning to put it back on CreateSpace as a 2nd Edition. The reason for the 2nd Edition label is due to a few changes to the cover as well and a few other changes inside.

    Although CreateSpace did good work, my cover came out black and it was supposed to have a black center and a reddish color going out from that for depth–also one of the reasons for the second edition. The other is the title, which will have a two word addition before the title now “Web of Destructon” as I have learned that starting one’s title with the word “Web” is really not good for getting noticed as it is not placed in with similar books (for instance at Barnes and Noble). I’d like to have this book on Amazon in e-book, soft cover (which is is now), but also two hardcovers, and this time on audio too by the end of March, latest.

    I have a template for just this genre from Joel Friendlander, well-known marketer online, and hope to re-format the book in that template before sending it out.

    So my question is–if I send this all to you I suppose it would be treated as a first book as far as the cost goes. Would the cost be what you are advertising now or higher? I had also thought of going to IngramSparks who already has my book, and they too distribute into all the stores, but I’m not sure they have the other perks your business offers. I hope you can give me an answer of how it would work if I go with BookBaby. Thank you so much and have a great day.

    Best wishes,

    Gippy Adams Henry (aka Georgia)

    1. Steven Spatz says:

      Hello Gippy – Sounds like you’ve put a lot of effort into your books! think the best thing for you to do is to call a BookBaby publishing specialist to discuss your project. Give us a call at 877-961-6878 and we’ll offer you the best solution for your book. Our team is available from 9 to 5, Mon-Fri at our Philadelphia area office.

  5. Carissa Marks says:

    The truth is, their services were overpriced, unreliable and sketchy at best. On top of that, Amazon is no friend of any indie author. To have them ditch these “services” is undoubtedly a boon to authors who will now not just throw their hands up & hit the easy button- so to speak.

  6. Interesting news…for all authors. How does BookBaby work with a book that is already formatted for both mobi and pub, has a cover and an ISBN and now needs to be sent out to vendors? And also, how might you works with an author that has multiple favorable press reviews of the work? Can these be … posted or used to help the marketing of the book? Many authors like myself are now shopping for a company to help get our work out there to a broad readership. Thanks. Laurence Carr

    1. Steven Spatz says:

      Hello Laurence – Wow – lots of folks have interesting book projects early in 2018! I think the best advice I can give you is this: Give us a call at 877-961-6878 and we can learn more about all the assets you already have in place. Our folks are available from 9 to 5, Mon-Fri at our suburban Philadelphia area office.

  7. There are so many affordable and professional alternatives for authors. Nobody should be sad or worried about CreateSpace’s decision.

  8. N. Lang says:

    man, I’m going to miss the book cover generator. I had my cover picked out too for the next one

  9. Morenike' Matory says:

    I had a very good experience with line editing with CreateSpace and the pricing was perfect for my budget. I paid $1591 for 336 pages; so they will definitely be missed. Their formatting services were also affordable with lots of options. Based on BookBaby’s estimate generator, are you guys charging per page and not per word?

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