The end of the year brings the inevitable lists of “top everythings” (guilty!) and retrospectives galore. This infographic, produced by the good folks at Global English Editing, goes a little deeper and takes a look at the reading habits of Americans in 2017.

I, for one, am not discouraged that only 13% of Americans say they didn’t read a book in 2017. It’s not an appallingly high number… though that additional 7% who say they’re “not sure” if they read a book are probably just too embarrassed to admit it, so we should round that number up to 20%. OK, we need to work on that.

But… younger people are reading more than anyone, which is good news; print books are more popular than eBooks, defying the predictions of the doomsday purveyors who predicted print would be dead by now; and six of the nine top-grossing authors of 2017 are American, for all of you keeping score at home.

The infographic also highlights the year’s top sellers, in both printed and eBook formats, the most popular books by state, and a listing of the most literate cities in the US. Is yours among them?

Work hard now and maybe we can get our titles listed on 2019’s “Most Anticipated Books” list.

Happy new year!

reading habits of Americans infographic


BookBaby 2017 Survey Results


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One thought on “Reading Habits of Americans in 2017 [Infographic]

  1. Maurice Guy says:

    As usual, statistics give an idea and hide the essentials. Forty one percent of Americans either don’t read, slightly read or have read less. Fifty nine percent have read more or just as much as usual. This is not very flattering for a developed country. It would be nice to know what the same study would be like abroad.
    A missing info here is why E-book sales have declined, not that I regret it particularly.
    Last but not least, knowing how much they read does not tell us exactly what they read. Out of the 59% who read a lot, how much of what they read is tawdry romance? Knowing that most people like to eat out does not tell us how much junk food they eat and if we should encourage them to eat more of it.

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