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Sarah Jessica Curtis, a 15-year-old from New Jersey, just self published her first novel with BookBaby. Sarah didn’t exactly expect a school writing assignment to launch her into a professional career as an author, but with the release of The Silent Silhouettes, that’s just what happened.

“It started when I was back in the eighth grade,” Sarah explains. “I was fourteen years old and I had to write this story for a school project. I came up with this theme for these monsters called the silent silhouettes. It was a ghost story and I decided to turn it into a novel once I finished writing it. I was still fourteen and I realized that I really would like to get it published. So my mom and I did a lot of searching around – we asked real publishers and self-publishing companies, we researched everything, and we found some of the hidden secrets some of those companies were hiding. BookBaby was just so honest and loyal, it was the perfect place to go.”

BookBaby is a one-stop-shop that guides authors through eBook conversion, cover design, page formatting, book printing, worldwide distribution, and excellent customer service. With BookBaby, authors lead the way. You keep complete control over your content and retain all ownership.

As Sarah puts it, “Since I am fifteen and I have published this book, I want to show everyone – kids, other teenagers, even adults, all around the world – that they can do it too.”



Do you dream of self-publishing your book? It’s easier than you think with BookBaby.

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