Eli Vega’s art demands the highest-quality print, and when he decided to self publish his third photography book, BookBaby won the job based on our ability to deliver a stunning printed book.

Photographer Eli Vega put BookBaby to the test with his latest printed photo book, Right Brain Photography. I’m happy to report that we passed with flying colors.

“It turned out really well,” said Vega. “I’ve received a lot of compliments on the book. It’s on the shelves of several regional and local bookstores in my area and it’s getting a lot of attention.”

BookBaby works with many different kinds of authors, with specific requirements and priorities for their books. Some are more demanding and exacting than others. Without a doubt, you can count Vega in this category.
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“Okay, so I am picky,” admits Vega. “I saw the quality of work two of the three printers had done, and I was not satisfied. I do not expect my images in a book to look the same as they would if they were hanging in a gallery. However, they do need to look good enough for most people to be impressed, whether they are photographers or not.

“BookBaby did a bang up job on my photography book. In fact, the book looks so good that when I delivered it to a major and popular bookstore in the Denver area, the rep e-mailed me, saying, ‘Eli. I have your book in my office. WOW! What a book!’ Her exact words.”

Vega’s book encourages photographers to become more like artists, using their cameras as paint brushes. “When I first picked up a camera, my art knowledge and skills automatically merged with my photography,” he says. “Today, it is difficult to know where one leaves off and the other picks up.

“The skill to create artistic images with a camera seems to be a lost art today. I believe that a lot of today’s photographers learned photo editing software at the same time they bought a camera. To them photography is what they do can do after they ‘take the picture.'”

Right Brain Photography by Eli Vega

Right Brain Photography is Vega’s third book, and the journey that led him to BookBaby was a search for the best quality printer he could find.

“I used a vanity publisher for my first book and self-published another one a few years ago,” said Vega.” For this last book, my first thought was to go through a mainstream publisher. I thought it would be great if they did all the marketing and I could just write books.”

The next chapters of his story is a tale we hear all too often. “I wasted nine months waiting for someone to call me,” said Vega. “I submitted 20 manuscripts to big publishers that do photography books. Only four of them sent me a response, all of them a ‘thanks but no thanks’ kind of note.”

Vega again considered self publishing but this time he decided to do his homework first. “Last July I started talking to my network and found a self-publishing consultant. I really learned about the business, from details down to ISBNs and BISEC codes.

Armed with knowledge he searched out local printers to do the printed book on his terms. “I went through four printers before discovering BookBaby,” said Vega. “Two of them just couldn’t come close to the quality I was seeking. One said I was the pickiest client he had ever had! When that printer pulled out I was left out in the cold.”

“I finally talked to a photographer friend in Denver about it and he recommended BookBaby.”

printed bookOur philosophy is that every book we print has to look great. But when we’re printing a full-color photography book like Right Brain Photography it has to be nothing short of perfect for (rightfully) demanding clients like Vega. A lot of companies can boast about printing the best quality books: at BookBaby we give you an easy way to ensure we can back up our claims.

Vega is one of many BookBaby authors who used our $19 sample book offer to truly test our printing capabilities. Just use coupon code 1BOOKBABY when ordering, and your cost for printing one copy is just $19. Any trim size, any binding, full-color inside… you name it. It’s just $19 to see your very own book in print.

We’re happy to do it at this low price because it’s the very best way to prove our level of high-quality work.

You can learn more about this great offer here: www.bookbaby.com/single-book-printing


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  1. How timely was this article for me!? I’m looking at Bookbaby to self-publish a collection of images and experiences gathered from a one-year round-the-world journey to 22 countries. I took this trip in 2014-2015 with my wife and three children to bring our family closer together before the kids go off to pursue their own lives and interests. As a fine art landscape and travel photographer, I was also able to grow my portfolio by leaps and bounds. Bookbaby offers me an opportunity to get these images and unique experiences out into the world. Very glad to hear about another photographer’s Bookbaby experience. Thank you.

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