We work closely with Amazon to distribute your books to its massive audience. But Amazon offers its own Print on Demand service and we frequently get asked which company — BookBaby or CreateSpace — is the best for independent authors.

I don’t want to get too dramatic, but choosing your Print on Demand book distribution service is a little bit like… well, picking your future husband or wife.

It’s a huge decision – the ultimate long-term relationship for self published authors. For better or worse, through strong book sales or writer’s block. It’s important to make a choice that you can live with. Maybe not “until death do you part,” but you get my drift.

So as you consider taking this big step forward, it’s important that you consider every factor involved in Print on Demand book distribution. Your choice should consider much more than just the up-front costs:

  • Where will your books be sold online? Can bookstores order my books from wholesale catalogs?
  • What quality of printed book will your customers receive?
  • Can you get customer service support when I need it?
  • and many more questions like those.

To help you make your choice, we’ve prepared a special web page that offers a graphic side-by-side comparison of BookBaby versus one of the other leading Print on Demand services, CreateSpace.

I hope this helps you to make up your mind. I wish you a long, joyous – and profitable – union with whichever company you choose.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    A new. Writer. Almost done with my very own non- fictional book so excited…

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