In the rapidly changing publishing industry, you can count on one thing: more changes are sure to come.

Every few months we’re seeing new ideas or concepts sweeping through the author community. If you’re having trouble keeping up with it all… well, don’t fret. One of our jobs at BookBaby is to keep abreast of all the new developments and share the best of the best with our authors. And that’s what I have for you today: One of most interesting new trends in the publishing world is something every BookBaby author should consider.

Remember my opening about “change”? As the self-publishing industry emerged, every author was tasked with a new – and very important – decision:

Should I continue to pursue the traditional publishing route – with the support of agents, publishers, editors, cover designers to push books into brick & mortar bookstores?


Should I try my hand at self publishing – either DIY or with the help of companies like BookBaby where I can retain more control and much more of the earnings?

Here’s the big change: Just a few short years later, this really isn’t a question anymore. Every author – new, experienced and everyone in between – can remove the “OR” and replace it with “AND.”

Across all genres and territories, authors are taking their writing careers to new levels by publishing through both traditional and self publishing routes. It’s become so popular that we’ve coined a term for these dual-distribution writers: Hybrid Authors.

It’s an exciting new development in the publishing industry and we’ve put together a new BookBaby guide to help explain it all. We call it The Hybrid Author Game Plan, and it’s now available as a free download on the BookBaby website.
Hybrid author advice
In our time in the self publishing industry, BookBaby has produced a number of different guides for authors. From “eBook Publishing: The How To Guide for Writers” to “Unlock Your Amazon Keywords,” we’ve shared a ton of information to help authors. But in my opinion, The Hybrid Author Game Plan is the most important guide we’ve ever written. Why? Because it can help you make what could be the biggest moves in your writing career.

For instance: If you’re trying to go down the traditional publishing route, we’ll show you how self publishing is the best way to position yourself in order to realize that dream. I know dozens of BookBaby authors who have used this exact game plan to achieve these long-held goals.

Speaking of changes: After reading The Hybrid Author Game Plan, you might change your mind about how you can achieve your writing goals!

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