How Often Should I Post on Facebook?Social media for authors: understanding Facebook’s News Feed ranking algorithm

When you post something on Facebook, you want your readers to see it, right?

Well, Facebook uses a complex algorithm to analyze what content (updates, pictures, videos, etc.) its users are most interested in seeing. Content that scores higher for a particular user will be displayed in that user’s Facebook News Feed. Content that ranks lower will not be displayed.

What this means in simple terms is that your Facebook content will only be viewed by a percentage of your fans. The more people who like, comment on, and share you posts, the higher your score according to the ranking algorithm — increasing the percentage of followers that see your content in their News Feeds.

If you want to extend your reach beyond that, you need to pay Facebook to promote your posts to followers that weren’t initially shown your content in their feeds.

[Note: If you hear the terms EdgeRank or EdgeRank score, this is the concept they’re referring to — although Facebook no longer uses that coinage for its algorithm.]

Here are a few tips to help you increase your ranking in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

How to increase the number of readers that view your Facebook updates

1. Post every single day. Consistency is key.

2. Use Facebook targeting tools. Ensure the right content reaches the appropriate audience.

3. Post only one or two posts per day. Quality, not quantity.

4. Wait at least 4 hours between posts. Give your followers a chance to catch their breath.

5. Like and respond to comments. Frequent interaction shows that you’re providing value to your followers.

6. Post photos. They typically perform better than mere text.

7. Be succinct. Less is more.

8. Post on holidays. The internet never sleeps.

9. Don’t auto-post the same content as Twitter. It feels impersonal.

10. Pin and highlight important posts. Sometimes people (and algorithms) need to be told what to focus on.


Hint: if you do end up paying Facebook to promote one of your posts, make sure to see what kind of “legs” the content has first. If it’s a hit on its own (garnering lots of likes, comments, and shares), you might not need to do as much paid promotion. Give the post 24-48 hours to sink or swim or tread water, and THEN pay Facebook to show it to the rest of your followers. You’ll reach more people for less money.

What have you done to increase your readers’ Facebook engagement? Let me know in the comments section below.

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