Fan Engagement: What Authors Should Do Between Promotion CyclesYour newest book is old news and your next book isn’t finished yet. What’s the best way to boost your fan engagement between promotion cycles?

Well — write, of course!

But besides that, there are a number of things you can do to keep your existing readers engaged. Then, when that next book launches, you’ll have an army of fans waiting to purchase it, review it, blog about it, and spread the word to friends.

5 fan engagement tips for authors in-between book projects

1. Write, write, write. (Yes, I know I mentioned it already). This will not only help you achieve the goal of finishing your next book faster, but it will keep you motivated on many fronts (blogging, social media, readings, etc.) — since the excitement of working on a big creative project will seep into other aspects of your writing career. Plus, it will give you lots to talk about on your blog! So…

2. Update your blog once a week. Let your fans know how the writing is going. Make your blog really stand out. Share interesting content, including:

  • Teasers, sample chapters, or a page that’s still “in-the-works”
  • Flash fiction about characters from your previous book
  • Videos (interviews, readings, behind-the-scenes)
  • Progress reports on the new book

3. Share your blog content via social media. Use your website/blog as your hub, then push that content out to your social networks. Then find interesting content by other writers to share as well. Mix in a few updates about the industry, some personal anecdotes, and a plug or two for your previous work. Now your social media efforts are set for the week!

4. Network! Get out there and meet new people in the literary world. Attend writers conferences. Force yourself into going to one of those literary agent speed-dating sessions. Hit up some readings at your local bookstores and libraries. Get out of the house and get involved.

5. Craft the perfect pitch. No reason you shouldn’t be pitching your book to agents while you’re still writing it. Really put some time into crafting a compelling pitch. Write an intriguing query letter that sells your book in a few short paragraphs, send it out, and cross your fingers!


That’s just a handful of the things you can be doing to promote yourself while you continue working on your next big book. Got any ideas to add to the mix? Let me know in the comments section below.

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