One reason I believe so much in what we’re doing with BookBaby is because it fulfills my passion for helping original voices get their work distributed. But another reason I love doing this is because I want to steer people away from the predatory companies in the space who are preying on the hopes and dreams of artists, selling expensive packages which only serve to fatten the wallets of the companies selling them.

I’ve not vetted these companies’ products, but from the description, here is an example of the kind of product that BookBaby does not want to sell:

As an author, I know that authors want help with formatting, conversion, distribution – and even marketing. For the latter, BookBaby is currently providing free, helpful tips and advice on our blog and on our YouTube channel. We may test offering affordable services to help authors with SEO/SEM, as well as press release distribution. But my promise is that we’ll never be one of the rapacious “bad citizens” who feed on artists’ aspirations by selling expensive packages which don’t add value in most cases.

Independent content creators are not prey – they are our lifeblood, they are our inspiration, they are our civilization’s treasure – and we love them.


Brian Felsen
President, BookBaby


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