Award-winning novelist SJ Rozan and BookBaby president Brian Felsen sat down at the 2011 California Crime Writers Conference to talk about her creative process, how technology has changed the conversation with publishers, and the tricks that create a memorable book.

In this segment, SJ Rozan talks about what she calls the “Ur Story,” (a variant, perhaps, of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth) or the central human narrative that gets told and retold in each of the fiction genres because we as humans have a need to hear those tales over and over again.

For instance, romance stories are about the promise of deeper human connection; scifi explores what it means to be human by putting the species in a fictional laboratory, a made-up or future world where a particular aspect of human experience is expressed to the extreme.

According to Rozan, the “Ur Story” of crime fiction is about our need to find or impose meaning on the world; it’s an explanation for randomness.


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