If you’re familiar with the music recommendation service Pandora, you’re aware of the way they assign different characteristics to songs to make up a musical DNA. You choose a song and Pandora recommends similar songs, based on the unique qualities of the original song you chose, matching music lovers with new music.

Much like Pandora was the result of the Music Genome Project, newly launched BookLamp is the practical outlet of the Book Genome Project, a tool created in 2003 to “identify, track, measure, and study the multitude of features that make up a book using computational tools.” Measuring the story components of a book, BookLamp matches book lovers with new books.

With only 20,000 books currently in their database, BookLamp is the first to admit they don’t have enough books yet, and even make a plea to publishers to work with them. In fact, the technology behind BookLamp was originally geared towards publishers as a way to help them target their marketing based on what books have been responded to and by whom in the past but BookLamp thinks they have something to offer readers now as a book recommendation engine and encourage users to use the site and share their thoughts.

Do you think BookLamp is useful tool for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

-Molly King







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